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Yoni Eggs

Yoni Eggs

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Reciprocitee Yoni Eggs are sure to be a treat, ladies! Often times we seek Reciprocity from those around us but fail to look in the mirror and love the woman we see. It is important to love ourselves first and fully- mind, body, spirit.

With it being the month of Valentines Day (the month most women either love or hate)- I thought I'd introduce a small supply of Yoni eggs for you lovely ladies. It's a gift for YOURSELF that positively effects mind, body, spirit wellness.

Yoni is a Sanskrit word for Vagina/womb. Yoni eggs promote vaginal health, connection to ones body, pelvic floor toning, increased sensitivity during intercourse, and removes chakra blockages (the Sacral Chakra in particular). Our womb is a space that births life and creativity. It is our core. Our confidence. Love her, and treat her well.

Each Yoni Egg comes packaged with an affirmation pertaining to the benefits it offers.

Rose Quartz: "Self love abounds.  I heal from past hurts to receive unconditional love from others as well."

Dalmatian Jasper: "I am optimistic and open to what my life and relationships have in store."

Black Obsidian: "I am cleansed. All negative energy, past trauma, and blockages do not serve me."

Hematite: "I am grounded, protected, and have clarity of mind."

Unakite: "My emotions are balanced.  I am loving, compassionate, and kind."

Lemon Chrysoprase: "I live from the heart, and am inspired."

Note: each egg is shaped slightly different...but so is every yoni!


*Insert your yoni egg into your yoni after it has been cleansed physically and energetically. Once placed in the vagina, you allow your muscles to strengthen by keeping the yoni egg in place. To remove, either use your yoni muscles to push it out or gently insert your finger to assist.  They cannot get lost...there's no place for them to go:) Remove nightly.

Height: 1.89", Width: 1.38" (Undrilled)

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