Wire Wrapped Crystal Necklaces CASE OF 2

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LIST small $7, medium $11, large $15

MSRP small $14, medium $22, large $30

CASE 2 (of each desired size)

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Now offering Wire Wrapped Crystal Jewelry, from me to you.

I'm really enjoying making these pieces. I've quickly realized that I prefer the rustic look of brass over the pristine look of silver. It fits the nature of the stones cracks and un tumbled surface. It feels authentic.

I suppose It's the healer in me. Drawn towards murk and mire, because below the surface is where you find gems. They get dirty...Shiny things are a distraction- a veil of falsities. Eventually that is all one sees. How wonderful it is to be seen and chosen for who we truly are.

We are Stones and Stones are us. We are one.

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*Each piece is one of a kind. Pieces shown in the photos are for examples.  When you place your order, you will receive a variety of pieces (likely not shown in the photos)

Small pieces are 1-1.5" (priced at $14), Medium pieces are 2-2.25" (priced at $22), and Large pieces are 2.5-3" (priced at $30). All of them come with an adjustable, stretchy black or brown necklace cord. 

Please notate whether you would like the black cord or brown cord at checkout.

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