Lip Scrub + Raw Shea

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Reciprocitee's gift set for the minimalist in your life. Simple ingredients. Convenient. Fragance free.

This Raw Shea + Lip scrub gift set is perfect for traveling or everyday on the go during cooler months.

Includes a 2 oz. whipped Raw Shea butter and a 1 oz. sugar lip scrub.

Reciprocitee All Natural 1 oz. Lip Scrub is not only exfoliating but good enough to eat! No fragrance or Essential Oils added, so you literally can...but why deprive your lips of all the goodness this scrub has to offer?

Benefits: This Lip Scrub is not too hard or runny, but a perfect texture for weathered lips. The Shea butter keeps it pretty solid (unless it sits in the sun). Fits conveniently in your pocket and can be applied using your fingers or simply by placing your lip in the tin to scrub away. Perfect for your lips, leaving you ready to pucker up:)

Ingredients: Pure Cane Sugar, Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil, Natural Vitamin E & Grapefruit Seed Extract.

Reciprocitee offers a great alternative to scent sensitive consumers. While using one simple ingredient that is whipped to perfection into a light & creamy mixture- Raw whipped Shea is what you've been waiting for! Shea butter has natural SPF that will help reduce the risk of getting sunburned, it is also great for locking in moisture, vitamin rich, soothing, and helps to improve skin elasticity. Also great for hair. Whipped for your convenience, but can be melted down in a separate container to apply.

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