Rose Quartz Face Roller

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The importance of stimulating our face muscles is no different than the necessity to stimulate any part of the body. The benefits of using a face roller include:

•Stimulates blood flow

•Improved skin elasticity

•Lymphatic drainage

•Reduces the look of fine lines and large pores

•Reduces puffiness

•Relieves facial tension

•Relieves sinus congestion

•Improved overall complexion/glow

It’s like a daily relaxing face massage!

Made of natural Rose Quartz, and can be used safely on the face and neck without irritation. Try it with our Face Oil (made of 100% Argan Oil) for a nice moisturizing treatment to start and end your day.

Rose Quartz is commonly known as a gentle stone that promotes forgiveness, healing, & self’s light pink hue is very feminine by nature, thus associated with the goddess of love.

Reciprocitee encourages self love and self care, so adding this to your beauty regimen will surely make you feel like a goddess.

Also available as a Jade Face Roller

*As of 5/22/18 your face roller will arrive in a clear covered white box. A microfiber pouch can be purchased in place of your box for traveling. Instructions included.

Note: No 2 Face rollers are the same. The color and shape of the stones will vary due to being a product of nature.

Reciprocitee’s content is not FDA approved, nor is it to be used as medical advice, or diagnosis.  Our products are not intended to cure or replace your doctors order or prescription. 

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