Raw Whipped Shea Butter (sizes vary)

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Reciprocitee offers a great alternative to scent sensitive consumers. While using one simple ingredient that is whipped to perfection into a light & creamy mixture- Raw whipped Shea is what you've been waiting for! Now comes in a glass jar to better preserve its properties.

Shea butter is also great for hair. If you don't want hair, it helps you get a close shave! Works wonders on a bald head.

Whipped for your convenience, but can be melted down in a separate container to apply.

*Although the Shea butter is unscented, unrefined shea butter naturally has a roasted nutty smell that may not appeal to everyone. 

Notethe color may vary slightly from ivory to light yellow.

Reciprocitee’s content is not FDA approved, nor is it to be used as medical advice, or diagnosis.  Our products are not intended to cure or replace your doctors order or prescription. 

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