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Through the simple act of listening you can save yourself a world of confusion and/or heartache from narcissist, psychopaths, sociopaths, or toxic people in general. Think about it, how many times have you looked back at a situation and said, "I shoulda, woulda, coulda"?

Remember the sinking feeling in your gut? The dream you had? Words of caution from others? The words coming from a persons mouth telling you exactly who they are? Those little bread crumbs that you chose to ignore were urging you to LISTEN.

I haven't mastered the art of listening yet, but I'm writing this entry because I recently chose to listen to a dream I had about someone- which has possibly saved me from getting intimately entangled with yet another toxic person.  I've had run ins with my fair share because I didn't listen.

I've mainly dealt with this recent person in passing but had always been impressed by him. He's good looking, charismatic, seemingly happy go lucky, adventurous, helpful, friendly, inspiring...I was actually attracted to him. However, after spending more one on one time with him, I had a dream that I was playing in his hair and saw a boil on his scalp.

I looked up the meaning of boils in a dream and found this information:

To dream of a boil running pus and blood, you will have unpleasant things to meet in your immediate future. May be that the insincerity of friends will cause you great inconvenience. View source

Boils 1. Repressed anger. 2. Extreme annoyance, possibly heated quarrels. 3. A need to release negative or “toxic” feelings. View source

Boils Symbolic of evil in a person’s life. If the boil is on their lips it means they speak with unkind words. View source

To dream of seeing someone else with boils means you are sensitive to someone else’s anger. View source 

In this instance, I'm not giving this person the opportunity to get close to me because I now know from past experiences that my dreams give me direction.

I've ignored some of my dreams in the past because I was blinded by a persons words or seemingly kind acts- even though "the voice" told me otherwise. I was naive, and/or hopeful that good people do exist.

However, when things seem too good to be true it's because they are. Also, if something seems off, it's because it is. Don't linger around out of curiosity or cognitive dissonance. Leave and ask questions later.

I've recently been brought to reality and have come to understand the terms narcissist, psychopath, and sociopath on a personal level. Narcissist are not as harmless as you think a person who takes selfies all day might be. Nor are psychopaths or sociopaths as easily spotted like a Jason Vorhees.

I have found these people to blend in very well in society, and/or even stand out as pillars or role models in some form or fashion. This is part of what makes them so dangerous.

The best way I can describe them is as emotional vampires, leaches, shapeshifters, hollow vessels, wolves in sheeps clothing, and even demonic type entities. Sounds harsh, but when you have dealt with their kind and their intentions have become fully revealed to you- you will understand what I mean. This is after their mask slips.

In saying these things- I in no way want to diminish the struggles of those that suffer from mental illnesses. Those who suffer should seek professional services in order to heal.

However, Narcissist, psychopaths, and sociopaths know exactly what they're doing. Rather than being plagued, they are actually hiding their disorder to trick people. Their lack of empathy for their actions be it small or great is a very dangerous trait. In addition, you can't help someone that doesn't think they need help, and/or habitually lies about every aspect of life.

Instead of focusing on helping them, you must help yourself. Your best defense against them is your intuition, even though this is part of what attracts them to you. They feed off of your naivety, empathy, good heartedness, need to please, desire to give second chances and to help those in need etc.

I'm not a therapist of any sort. I simply do energy work. So, please do your own research on psychopathy and such. Know that I'm only sharing my experience and lessons learned.

I urge you to be cautious in your dealings with people, but never close yourself off so much that you become an empty vessel like them. Preserve your goodness for those that prove to be worthy, and continue to shine as a guiding light. Above all else, listen. Your intuition will not steer you wrong.

If you sense you are in a relationship with a toxic person (platonic or otherwise)- below are some useful resources to help you identify if they are a narcissist, psychopath, or sociopath.

The first step towards healing is to understand exactly what you're dealing with. These individuals are disordered, so it can take a minute to catch on and make sense of it all. The following links can help...

Psychopath Free (Free for first time audible users)

People of the lie Vol.1 (Free for first time audible users) *the second case is especially eye opening. Read Vol. 2&3 as well.

HG Tudor videos (This particular video reminds me of the boil dream I had. These videos in general will reveal the raw uncut truth about narcissism from an actual narcissist. Very informative)

20 ways to spot a Narc (SPOT ON list).

7 painful truths... (Video by Kim Saeed that talks about what empaths must learn about narcissist)

Love & light,



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