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Heal thyself...

I used to vlog but, life happened. Lots of things in life happened, but this is nothing new. However, I think I'm finally ready to learn the lessons from all of these "happenings".

Therefore, I'm taking the time to truly heal. Writing is a part of that process.

I'll be sure to keep my excerpts short since I am not much of a blog reader myself. "Just get to the point already."  I'm impatient, and want the answers RIGHT NOW. 

So, sometimes my entries may seem half assed- while others may feel like I threw up on you and ran. But I promise, I'm not running at all.

In short, I decided not to accept any more Reiki or Ayurveda clients because I NEED to fill myself up. My mom passed away less than a year ago. Several important relationships in my life took a drastic turn for the worse, and I felt depleted of my energy. Last year I was even going to close my business.

I'm recharging. Regaining perspective, and healing myself. No one in my life is more important than me. I believe that more than ever now.

Bath Salts? I use 'em. Affirmations? I say 'em. Meditate? Twice, daily. Everything I encourage through my product line, I also practice because self care is necessary.  

Although I'm a healer, I need healing too. Often times, caretakers and empathetic people put themselves last. We tend to run to the aid of those hurting. But remember- hurt people hurt people. So, take care of yourself!

In this world, hurt is a given. Just don't be defeated. Light workers have lots of work to do...

"The wound is the place where the light enters you." -Rumi

What are your self care rituals?


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